dedham water damage
Let PowerBees work directly with your insurance company to ensure that they cover your water damage properly. PowerBees makes it simple. Once you authorize your insurance company to work directly with PowerBees, we will do most of the work to ensure the job is paid for and that you are only responsible for your deductible. Once PowerBees receives approval from the insurance company to address the water damage or mold, PowerBees will begin the process of addressing the water damage or mold. PowerBees will help you to review your policy to determine what is covered for Mold Removal and Water Damage.  

When bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or basements are flooded in Dedham, special equipment is used to extract the water. PowerBees technicians, many with over 10 years experience of in water extraction and Flood Damage control, are deployed to residential properties in Dedham, often on the same day or night. Bacteria treatments and mold removal are an integral part of this service. Typically, water damage restoration in Dedham requires multiple visits to extract the water, remove the water damaged materials, install special drying equipment, and prevent mold from colonizing or germinating spores. 

Dedham is no stranger to water damage caused by ice dams. When the heat in a home moves into the attic it often warms up the roof to a point at which the snow begins to melt. That water flows down into the eaves, freezes and forms a barrier called a dam. As those ice dams in Dedham continue to get larger, the water will make its way up under the roof shingles and then down into the walls ceilings and attics. When this happens, mold begins to form and might negatively impact your air quality. Water damage from ice dams in Dedham is often a covered property insurance event.   

PowerBees uses commercial dehumidifiers to dehumidify your commercial building or Residence. These dehumidification services are an integral component of the restoration process after flooding and water damage in Dedham. 

The prevention and removal of mold after water damage is important if you want to avoid developing issues with your health. Call PowerBees today to resolve your water damage issue in Dedham.

PowerBees provides surface testing, air testing and bulk testing to make sure we know what type of mold we’re dealing with in your home or business in Dedham.  
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Let PowerBees help you improve your indoor air quality today by removing dust and debris from your air ducts. We provide air duct cleaning for both businesses and homeowners in Dedham.
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 Our mold remediation services in Dedham are centered on making sure homeowners and businesses don’t have a repeat experience with mold after PowerBees has completed our work.
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